New for 2023 to 2024

New Hedge Witch Course starting 10th / 11th February 2024!

For many years I have dedicated my life to the Goddess and to helping others learn how to meet difficult challenges with love and self respect.

As a Priestess of Avalon I can conduct Handfastings, Rites of Passage, Baby Namings and other Rituals and Ceremonies.

I have been living in and around Glastonbury and magical Avalon for over 30 years with my partner and nine cats and rescue dog.

I am a teacher/trainer and I have travelled all over the world and visited many different cultures.

Painting, singing and writing poetry are just a few of my many passions.

My qualifications include:

Certificate in Spiritual Counselling BCAP level 5
Certificate in Esoteric Healing
Certificate in Karmic Astrology
A student of Gestalt Psychotherapy
40 years’ experience in Tarot reading

Both Karmic Astrology and Tarot readings can be conducted face-to-face by Zoom and Skype anywhere in the world. In the case of Astrology, the session is recorded on to CD with your hand-drawn birth chart. Allow 2 hours for an Astrology reading, 1 hour for Tarot.

Please contact me for further details.

Welcome… thank you for taking the time to explore my web site.

In our busy lives, it’s important to find the right person with the right skills and gifts to help you navigate your path. I hope I may be of service to you.

Misty Morning

Hedge Witch Training

Starts Imbolc 3rd / 4th February 2024

Contact Georgina for more information.

Sunflower Healing
The Old Clinic
10 St John’s Square

Karmic Astrology


Tarot Readings


Spiritual Counselling



& Ceremonies

Karmic astrology, counselling and tarot can all help your choices.

Children’s charts, transits, yearly forecasts, synastry and composite relationships. All readings are recorded. For more information check each individual page. I offer Zoom or similar, phone or face to face.

I also conduct beautiful bespoke ceremonies, handfastings, civil weddings, baby namings , adult namings and funerals. I travel all over the world for this amazing and beautiful ceremony. It’s a day to remember for life.

I can also conduct a ceremony or ritual to your needs, for example releasing or marking a special occasion.

I am a qualified psychotherapist/counsellor. I look at your issues and problems holistically, which enables me to understand your spiritual needs too. I work with you , walk with you on your path to healing. I believe that you have the answers locked inside you to empower and enable you to move forward. I offer sessions by Zoom or similar, face-to-face or by phone.

Thank you again. I look forward to meeting with you on your path. It would be an honour for me to serve you on your journey.

Blessed be.