Karmic Astrology Correspondence Course

Welcome to the world of Karmic Astrology

This correspondence course is designed to enable you to learn Karmic Astrology at your own pace, but with Skype tutorial help, 9 modules and exercises.

There are many different types of Astrology, Karmic, Vedic, Chinese etc. It is important to say from the beginning: you will never know everything. It is a lifelong study and you never stop learning. The subject is vast. It is a way of life, not just learning.

This course will enable you to understand the Zodiac personalities, 12 Houses, Planets, Aspects, Nodes and Transits. You will be able to read a chart, draw up a chart and understand transits.

It is valuable to help you understand the dynamics and effects of the planets on the world and individuals. If you work with people and need to understand what makes them tick, or learning more about your partner or children’s behavior, then this is for you.

Using Karmic Astrology, you learn what patterns and challenges have been presented in this life and why. Its fascinating and spookily true.

I feel it is too complicated to learn how to draw up a chart from scratch online; that would require 4 weekends teaching in Glastonbury. Instead, with today’s technology, I suggest that you print a chart, then during this course I will teach you how to copy it and draw it up yourselves. By doing this you will have a much better personal connection with the chart and understanding of how the layers of the chart work.


♦ Module 1: Index. History. Symbols. Elements. Genders. Qualities. Quadrants. Houses.  Ascendant/Descendant/Midheaven and IC. Questions.

♦ Module 2: The 12 Zodiac Personalities. Questions.

♦ Module 3: The Sun and Moon and phases of the Moon.  Personal and Outer planets.  Questions.

♦ Module 4: Aspects, Nodes. Path of Fortune. Questions.

♦ Module 5: Drawing up a chart.Questions. Skype tutorial

♦ Module 6: Transits. Questions.

♦ Module 7: Reading as a business. Ethics and code of practice. Questions.  Test reading, Skype tutorial.  Certification.

Module 1 will be sent to you and then on competition of that module the next one will be sent. So you must complete each module in turn and be marked before continuing to the next stage. Feedback will be given with each new module.

You will require:

♦ A folder for your notes, charts and handouts.

♦ Ruler, eraser, pencil, red/blue/green fine-point ink pens or fine, sharp-pointed crayons, black biro, notebook. Assorted coloured pencils/crayons.

♦ Access to a computer with internet and the ability to download documents and music/audio. I will be using Windows 7 and Word 2010 documents. Music will be in MP3 format and any pictures will be in jpeg format.

♦ A programme to play music and audio on your computer.

♦ Skype

♦ Access to a printer

♦ Access to www.astro.com

Cost: £399 – this may be paid by installments – a £20 administration fee will be included in this case. Sign up today and get started!

Alternatively, you can attend a year’s course of six weekends with me in Glastonbury – the cost for this is £699.

Coming soon: Online Tarot!