Karmic Astrology Remote Training

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Welcome to the world of Karmic Astrology

This course is designed to enable you to learn Karmic Astrology remotely, with regular 2-hour remote tutorials via Zoom.

There are many different types of Astrology, Karmic, Vedic, Chinese etc. It is important to say from the beginning: you will never know everything. It is a lifelong study and you never stop learning. The subject is vast. It is a way of life, not just learning.

This course will enable you to understand the Zodiac personalities, 12 Houses, Planets, Aspects, Nodes and Transits. You will be able to read a chart, draw up a chart and understand transits.

It is valuable to help you understand the dynamics and effects of the planets on the world and individuals. If you work with people and need to understand what makes them tick, or learning more about your partner or children’s behavior, then this is for you.

Using Karmic Astrology, you learn what patterns and challenges have been presented in this life and why. Its fascinating and spookily true.

All the Remote Zoom sessions will begin at 7:00pm and will be recorded, in case you miss one. Notes will be emailed with each module. You can see the dates the modules will be emailed and the Zoom tutoral dates below.

You will require:

♦ A folder for your notes, charts and handouts.

♦ Transparent ruler, eraser, pencil, red/blue/green fine-point ink pens or fine, sharp-pointed crayons, black biro, notebook. Assorted coloured pencils/crayons.

♦ Access to a computer with internet and the ability to download documents and music/audio.

♦ Access to Zoom for remote tutorials

♦ Access to a printer

Cost: £699 – this may be paid by installments, paid in advance before each module is sent out. This price includes a £99 non-refundable deposit.

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Contact Georgina for more information and to join the course – numbers are limited so don’t delay!