Karmic Astrology

By reading your chart I can look at your Soul’s journey through many lives and see why you are meeting familar patterns and challenges. I would be able to see what and who you have been in a past life and even why you may have certain allergies or phobias in this life.

Once your chart has been drawn you can use it for future readings with the daily transits of planets. See below the other types of readings available:

♦ Solar returns – looking at the year ahead from your birthday

♦ Synestry – two charts, of yourself and your partner, to see the karmic connection between you both

♦ Composite – One chart drawn from both above charts to see how the relationship works

♦ Progressed – Progressed Chart shows your spiritual unfolding and personal growth. Progressed Charts are used to better understand what motivates you to want to create major life changes

♦ Horary – a chart drawn for a special event

These very empowering readings can be conducted face-to-face or by Skype anywhere in the world and are recorded on to CDs with your hand-drawn birth chart. Allow 2 hours for the reading.

Calculating from your date and place of birth and time if you know it, I can create your chart for your soul’s journey in this physical life (for unknown birth time I can successfully dowse for your time).

A truly inspiring experience.

Contact me for more details, or call 07780 966929.