Tor Webster

Tor Webster, a local Glastonbury man, created the company Tor’s Tour of the Tor in 2011 and it has gone from strength to strength, as has his involvement in putting Glastonbury firmly on the tourist map of England. In those three years, he has been interviewed by BBC TV, BBC Radio, Russian TV, Japanese TV, Norwegian and local documentary productions, as well as being featured in German National Geographic Magazine and The World National Geographic TV Channel.

Tor moved to Glastonbury in 2001. His father and Danish mother (hence having the very apt name from birth of Tor) had already been living there for a few years. Tor’s tour of the Tor has also become top of the list of Glastonbury Tourist activities on the Trip Advisor website.

Tor is an independent filmmaker. In 2009, he completed a feature-length documentary called the Rainbow Serpent Project, which is about his pilgrimage to the earth chakra sites spread across the world.

Tor WEbster